WELCOME!... September 09 2014

Sarah Stoker - Founder and CEO of Leggy Threads 

Hi everyone,

I would like to say a huge warm WELCOME to all of our lovely new visitors to the Leggy Threads website/Blog. I am looking forward to getting to know you all over the coming months as we launch and I especially look forward to hearing about what you all have to say about being fabulous and tall and what you would love to see in our future ranges.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about me, and why I started Leggy Threads and what I aspire to for the future....

My name is Sarah Stoker, I am a professional business woman and I am a 6ft tall mother of 4 year old Twin girls Ava & Sophia (who are also going to be tall like their Mummy!). I love being tall and standing out from the crowd, but it hasn't always been that way. When I was at school I struggled to find clothes to fit me properly and hated standing out because I felt so un-comfortable in ill-fitting clothes, and the High Stores just did not cater for us Tall girls. So, with my mothers help, I started making my own clothes, and made trousers, jackets, skirts, you name it (some were not always a total success but most of them were and it was amazing to wear clothes that fitted properly). When I started college I had quite a collection of my own pieces, but I still found it really frustrating that I couldn't buy on-trend clothes that I loved the look of.

Over the years the fashion industry has grown and evolved greatly and we all have the luxury of shopping online now and have far more to choose from. Still though, over time, I personally have slowly withdrawn from shopping feeling rather despondent, knowing that it is highly unlikely that anything I love and try on will actually fit me properly so found that my shopping was very limited to a few certain stores, but of course this has really limited my choice and my wardrobe! And what girl wants that!???...

I don't know how many of you have clothes in your wardrobe that you still have labels on because you bought something that "almost" fitted you and then realised when you came to wear it that actually it doesn't fit properly and have never worn it! Well, i'm afraid that's me, I have had lots of those over the years. Ever the optimist!

As a business owner (I have had my own recruitment company for over 10 years now) I found it very difficult to buy beautiful luxury clothes, if I'm lucky I might find the odd piece that I love that fits but its pretty rare, and I'm only 6ft Tall not 10ft Tall so it amazes me that in 2014 there are still so few places for us beautiful tall women to shop! And don't get me started on kitten heel shoes and swimming costumes...Why is it so hard to find gorgeous swimwear or fab kitten heels???

Having a love for beautiful clothes and a passion for making beautiful clothes, I decided a few years ago that I was going to start my own luxury label especially for Tall Women but I wanted to ensure that they were all produced right here in the UK (so its taken a while to get to the production/launch stage!). Britain used to be a manufacturing giant in producing beautiful fabrics and high-end clothing and so its really exciting to see it slowly coming back in to the UK and I very much want Leggy Threads to be part of this amazing and exciting transition and have a strong British brand to be proud of that is just for us Tall ladies.

Leggy Threads launches in October 2014, with a shirt range, which I am very excited about and to which we have received fantastic feedback. Whats next? You tell us......We have designed a survey and we will be producing clothes that YOU want based on what you have told us you want, so If you are frustrated at not being able to find what you want that fits, then tell us what that is and we will do our best to make it happen. That's a promise! 

I have some really exciting things planned for Leggy Threads and some exciting collections to share with you in the coming months and years, and I cant wait to get to know you all and to get to know what you all want to see in our ranges. I am also keen to get as many of you involved in the business as possible, working with our focus groups to develop the ranges.

If you have any great ideas and would like to contact me, then please please do so, as I would love to hear from you....sarah@leggythreads.co.uk


Thank you for listening and for being a part of our journey

Stay fabulous